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Start a Movie Shop Business in Kenya

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Start a Movie Shop Business in Kenya

Movie shops are at every corner in our neighborhoods. They employ tens of thousands of youths across the country and provide a stable source of income. Starting a movie shop business is not hard and neither does it require a humongous amount. In fact, it is among the easiest businesses you can set up with a budget of Kshs 50,000 or less. Here’s how.


The first step of setting up a movie shop will be identifying a suitable location for your business. Movie shops seem to flourish almost everywhere they are set up. However, they do best in these 2 kinds of settings:

1. Residential Areas

People in residential estates like to spend a good portion of their day watching TV. It is therefore reasonable setting up a movie shop in such a locality. The best business days for such a locality are the weekends since most of people are not working on these days. During weekdays, business peaks in the evening when people are coming back from work and school.

2. Transit areas near work places

Majority of the working class prefers grabbing a movie on their way home rather than buy one in their neighborhoods. They pass by movie shops along their path home. They prefer buying movies in their neighborhoods on weekends when they are free. The transit area should have reasonable amount of traffic to set up a successful movie shop. Unlike movie shops in residential areas, the ones in transit areas are busy on weekdays.

Business Premises

Once you have identified a location the next step will be renting a shop. A movie shop does not require a big space. You need to rent an affordable shop that you can manage paying without much hustle. Unless you plan to setup a big movie place, a small place worth Kshs 4,000 – Kshs 6,000 will do for a start. But it is noted that clients prefer spacious places they can hang around as they contemplate on what to buy.

The shop should be well painted with a bench or seats for the customers to sit on as they wait for their movie cd’s. Get a good carpenter to create a desk and a bench or seat. Print latest movies’ posters from a local cyber cafe and stick them on the walls.

NB: The location should be safe security wise

Business Permits

As any other business, you need to get a business permit from the county government. Failure to obtain a license will result in constant harassment by the county government.

Apart from the business permit, you also need permits from the MCSK and the Kenya Films Classification Board.

You should budget around Kshs 12,000 – Kshs 15,000 for all these permits.

Click Here if you need assistance obtaining the permits

Product Pricing

A movie on a cd costs Kshs 50. Loading a movie ona flash disk/ Phone/ SD card costs Kshs 30. You can come up with your own pricing depending with the flow of business in the area.


Kshs 50,000 budget is enough to set up a movie shop. You can grow the movie shop and expand it to a bigger shop or other branches.

A movie shop doesn’t require much to set up. Below are equipments necessary for a movie shop:

Computer (at least a Core i2 or higher)10,000 - 15,000Jumia
Power Extensions1,000Jumia
A flat screen TV (Preferably a 21 or 32 inch or higher)14,000 - 25,000Jumia
Furniture10,000 - 15,000Local Furniture store
Kamkunji market
Unlimited Internet connection (if you plan on downloading movies. Otherwise you can buy movies from other movie vendors).3,000Zuku
Printer (If you plan on printing your own movie posters)35,000Jumia
Duplicator (Necessary in a busy movie shop)15,000Jumia
Blank CDs700Media Shop
Neon Display Board 3,000LED store
Business Permits/ Licenses10,000 - 12,000County Government
Music Copyright Society of Kenya
Kenya Films Classification Board


Owning a movie place does not guarantee extreme wealth. However, it guarantees a steady flow of income to settle most of your basic bills i.e rent, food, e.t.c. It is a good business that you can run as a side hustle since it is able to generate between Kshs 1,000 – Kshs 4,000 a day. With time you can diversify the movie place and offer other services such as photocopying, passport photos e.t.c.

You can hire someone to operate the movie shop as you go about your other businesses. The business goes well if operated by someone youthful, friendly and has great customer care skills.

If you need assistance starting a movie shop business use the form below and we will offer help.




  1. James

    September 13, 2019 at 5:38 am

    Am planning to invest 200k on a movie shop and gaming zone(playstations)how can i go about it to make it unique ans outstanding so as to attract customers.

    • Kickstart

      September 22, 2019 at 1:14 am

      Thank you for getting in touch. Movie and PS business are on a decline. We would not advise you to invest such a huge amount in that line of business. Nowadays majority of people have access to internet thus downloading their own movies at home. Plus the availability of cheap or rather affordable flash disks see people share movies around easily. Kindly consider another form of business. In case you need further assistance get in touch with us and we will be able to assist.


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