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10 Best Business Ideas in Kenya 2019

Business Ideas

10 Best Business Ideas in Kenya 2019

There are tons of business ideas that one can pursue and make a living in Kenya. 2019 is good year to make profits for those who would have invested their monies in the right businesses. We have compiled a list of 1o best business ideas in Kenya for 2019.

  1. Land Speculation

Even as the housing industry continues to experience a 4 year low, lands business is booming.  Land prices are skyrocketing by each passing day which is a good indicator for a business idea.  A house starts depreciating in value on completion, land appreciates in value. It is a wise idea to buy land and wait for the value to appreciate before selling it off. With an investment of as little as Kshs 50,000 – Kshs 100,000 it is possible to secure a 50 x 100 parcel of land. This parcel should appreciate by 40% – 100% each year depending with the area of the land.

  1. Mitumba Business

Mitumba business has proven to be a backbone of the Kenyan economy. Mitumba clothing is popular with the lower and middle classes. This industry has created millionaires within a short period of time. You don’t need a humongous amount to start. You can start with as low as Kshs 500 and grow your stock. You can deal with shoes or clothes for all categories, or even both depending with your target market. It is possible to buy clothes for as little as 10 shillings at Gikomba and sell at 50 shillings in other markets. This is an ideal business idea for those with limited a budget.

  1. Boda Boda Business

Demand for boda boda keeps growing by the day. They are a quick mean of transportation and a great way of reaching where a matatu cannot. Most people prefer using boda boda to beat traffic or avoid getting late for a work. There are over 100,000 boda bodas currently operating in Kenya. The number keeps rising each day as more young men get on the road with motorcycles. Investing in a boda boda motorbike can be a good side hustle.

A new motorcycle costs around Kshs 120,000 – 200,000 depending on the manufacturer. A second hand motorbike costs between Kshs 60,000 – 120,000. You can hire out the motorbike and get paid on a daily basis as agreed by the motorcyclist. The business is so profitable for motorcyclists and produces high returns. Most motorcyclists renting mortorcycles for work end up buying their own within 6 months. A motorcyclist can make as high as Kshs 5,000 per day depending with area of operation.

  1. Taxi Hailing

Taxi hailing apps such as Uber, Little Cab, Taxify and E Safari PVS gives car owners an opportunity to earn. It is a lucrative venture for car owners and can be a good side hustle by putting your car to use. You can either drive the car or hire someone to drive the car as you do other things. We expect new taxi hailing apps to launch in 2019 which will be great news for car owners. A car owner can choose to work for one app or have all applications installed on their phones. On average, an Uber driver makes around Kshs 5,000 per day and as high as Kshs 10,000. It is a great idea if you have a car that you do not use often.

  1. Poultry Farming

Starting this business is tricky due to the risk of losing all chicks to different factors. But, it remains to be a top earner once the farm owner is past the hurdles. One can specialize in farming chicken for egg laying or meat. Both markets have high demand and can bring good returns for farmers. You can supply eggs to hotels, schools, restaurants, supermarkets, shops and vendors. Meat is in high demand around festive seasons. Meat can also distributed to butcheries, fast food joints and hotels. Whichever way you look at it, it is a viable business idea as long as you have capital and land to build a farm. You can start poultry farming with a budget of Kshs 100,000 and grow it.

  1. Women Clothing

By default women are spenders as compared to men. Almost all lady products sell especially if they are beauty products. Women buy whatever pleases their eyes and this presents a good business idea. You can venture into selling women clothing or cosmetics. You can buy second hand clothing and shoes and still make profit as long as the products are appealing. Eastleigh is the best place to buy almost all trendy women clothing in Nairobi. Some traders travel to Uganda and Tanzania to buy clothing and cosmetics. Other import these products straight from China. Apart from buying women products, women also spend on children wear and bags a lot! This business can be set up with capital of as low as Kshs 1,000 and grown by reinvesting profits. Furthermore it gives you flexibility since it can be a side hustle.

  1. Cereals & Traditional Foods

There is a limitation when it comes to what city residents can consume. Their diet comprises of maize, rice, Pasta and Chapati. The case is also similar when it comes to vegetables. Venturing or trading in variety of cereals and traditional foods can be promising. You can set up a cereals shop in your estate. There are plenty of different cereals you can offer which are easy to get from nearby counties. You can get cereals at Nyama Kima in Nairobi. Cereal traders go as far as Uganda and Tanzania in search of cereals.

  1. Tour Company

The Tourism sector is booming. Hotels in Mombasa & Zanzibar recorded 100% bookings for December 2018.  You can set up a company and indulge in the rich bucket of tourism. Your company can target domestic tourism, inbound tourism & outbound tourism. You can earn as much as Kshs 30,000 for organizing a tour for one person. It is a pretty competitive industry, but the market is also expansive. You will never lack clients as long as you market your services. It is always about marketing and determination. Bonfire Adventures & Bountiful Adventures grew from an individual to mega tour companies. They specialize in domestic tours and outbound tours. This is an industry that everyone has a shot at success.

  1. Rentals

This is among the hottest business ideas for the middle class. Owning even an iron sheet structure guarantees constant income. It is a wise idea owning rentals if you have land in a residential area. You can buy or lease land anywhere with good population and set up rentals.

  1. E-Commerce

Kenya leads in Africa in terms of mobile phone penetration per population. With the coming of the fiber optic cables, internet usage has greatly increased. The E-commerce sector has greatly improved as well. A few years back we only had Jumia as the sole domino in the sector. But we now have more than 40 other e-commerce websites in operation all dealing in popular goods. You can start your own e-commerce website with a budget of as little as Kshs 20,000 and get a market share. You don’t need money to purchase goods. You can come to an agreement with wholesalers on terms of operation and you are good to go.


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