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10 Best Small Business Ideas You Can Start With Kshs 1,000 in Kenya

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10 Best Small Business Ideas You Can Start With Kshs 1,000 in Kenya

Starting a business requires a great deal of money and expertise for it to flourish. But sometimes a person finds themselves unemployed and with no money. They lack the means to sustain themselves or even start a small business. As we are going to show you in this article, not all business ideas need a large budget to launch. There are small business ideas that can be set up for as little as Kshs 1,000 or even less.

1. Packaging Bags

The eradication of plastic bags in Kenya left the nation in a limbo. The government did not provide alternatives to plastic bags. This saw people struggling to get brown packaging bags. At first these bags were almost impossible to get but nowadays they are available. Brown packaging bags are a bit expensive as compared to plastic bags.

Packaging bags are in high demand in Kenya and cheaper alternatives are always welcome. Many people have ventured into making these bags and so can you. With a budget of as little as Kshs 1,000 or less you can start this business. All you need is someone to teach you how to make the bags and a place to buy the brown paper for making the papers. This is a business you can run from the comfort of your home. You can sell these bags within your locality since almost all businesses use them.

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2. Garbage Collection Services

Every business and household produce garbage waste every day. Some areas have an organized garbage collection service while others lack. It is possible to start a garbage collection service in your estate with a budget of less than Kshs 1,000. Identify the deficiency of this service in your estate and start this business. All you need to do is inform the residents that you are starting a garbage collection service. Price the services and payment timetable. Afterwards proceed to buy disposable garbage polythene bags and you are good to go.

You might need to employ an extra hand depending with the bulk of work. Look for a dump site where you will be disposing the garbage once collected.  This is a business that can only be done on weekends which leaves you with plenty of free time to do other things. As you expand, get a permit from the county council so that they can be picking the garbage from your dump site.

3. Real Estate Agent

This is a business that you can start with close to no budget. All you need is money to print posters for vacant houses for rent and distribute far and wide. Identify vacant houses and premises in the neighborhood and contact owners. Tell them you can help them get tenants for free. If they agree then proceed to advertising the vacant houses. You will always get interested leads. Organize on days they can come to view the house or premises.

Charge your clients for site viewing and also acceptance of the house. It is as simple as that! With time register as a business or company and expand your operations. Make good use of social media as a marketing tool. You should also strike a working relationship with caretakers of buildings. They will be alerting you whenever a house or premises is vacant.

4. Liquid Detergent, Soap & Perfume

Another great business idea to start with a small capital is the liquid detergent and soap making. It involves buying chemicals and mixing them to have an end product. This trade has created employment for many youths and women in Kenya. It is ideal for any location even across borders. Apart from detergents, you can also make perfumes which you can sell for profit. You can buy the chemicals from vendors in different parts of the country. The chemical vendors will teach you on how to mix the chemicals to get the end product.  Your market will be households and institutions such as schools and hospitals. Everyone uses detergents in their homes and workplace.

5. Mitumba (Second Han Clothes)

Mitumba is a trade that is churning out millionaires every single day. You can start this business even with as little as Kshs 300. Yes! At Gikomba you can get clothings of all types and all prices. You can find clothing for as less as Kshs 10 which can fetch Kshs 50 or higher. Imagine if you buy ten good quality shirts at Kshs 100 each then sell them for twice the price? That’s 100% profit. You can grow your stock by reinvesting profits and the cycle continues. To maximize on profits, mix your products. Sell clothing for all age groups and gender. It is not that hard scaling this business.

6. Shoe Shining and Cobbler Services

This is one of the most looked down upon professions in Kenya. But it is among the best small business ideas you can start with guarantee of making profit. All you need is a stool and tools of trade. If well positioned in a place full of traffic, you stand to make as much as Kshs 1,000 or more per day. Some shoe shiners have gone as much to set up professional shoe shining stalls where they charge Kshs 50.

As much as it is looked down upon, shoe shining and cobbler services can turn out to be a great business venture. If you believe in the saying Kazi ni Kazi then this can be a great way of sustaining yourself. You can do it for some time as you look for other alternatives.

7. Fruit Vending

Vending of fruits such as avocado, mangoes, oranges, water melon and bananas is profitable. A budget of Kshs 1,000 is enough to kick start this business venture. You can get fruits from a local market near you. Package fruits well and either set up a stand or hawk them around. You will be surprised how much money fruit vendors make in a day. The key is to positioning your business in a place with customers. The best place is next to the main roads of the area. You can diversify your products by coming up with fruit juice and fruit salad which sells well.

8. Fast Food

To many, fast food means a joint as big as Pizza Inn or Altonas. On the contrary fast food simply means fast food! Some prefer calling it junk food due to the high cholesterol, sugar and fats associated with it. Fast food means a snack you can grab while in a hurry. This type of business can be set up anywhere and on any scale. You can start fast food business in your locality. You’ve noticed people in the estates or on the sides of roads selling fast foods like chips. You too can do the same.

With your small budget, you can sell bhajia, chips, viazi karai, samosa, eggs, and sausages. The list of fast foods is endless. All you need is equipment to cook like a jiko and a frying pan, and a stand. Your business will expand slowly as you continue reinvesting in it. Cleanliness is key to the prosperity of fast food so make sure your joint is always squeaky clean.

9. Online Freelancing

Online freelancing provides employment for more than a hundred thousand youths in Kenya. It is easy to start and can be started with no capital for those with internet access and a computer. However, one needs to invest mentorship if they are to scale fast in the online writing business. There are many mentors out there who can train you on this business and give you the tools to start. Some of the mentors will charge you a fee to train you. Others will train you for free then give you jobs where they will deduct their training fees. You can get free mentorship at Ajira Digital platform or one of the centers countrywide.

Click Here if you need one-on-one training with a mentor.

10. Brokering

You can become an online product broker. You need to have a product supplier who can give you products either on credit or a discounted fee. The next step is getting the right pictures to advertise the products online. Once you’ve secured a client you can forward the client to the supplier or deliver the product to the client. You can operate this business even without a capital. As long as you can get a supplier to agree to your terms, you are good to go! There are many online who broker phones and once you want to buy they take you to the vendor and receive their cut. It is as simple as that.

These are the ten ideas we feel can be started with a budget of Kshs 1,000 or lower. If you have better ideas then please share in our comments section. We will endeavor to grow this list with more fresh ideas regularly for the benefit of our youth. Don’t forget to share this article for the benefit of others out there.


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