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How To Start Boiled Cereals Business in Kenya

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How To Start Boiled Cereals Business in Kenya

Cereal business is among the best business ideas in Kenya. Demand for cereals in urban areas which has facilitated a thriving market. But buying cereals come with challenges especially for those residing in urban areas. Hard economic times have seen most city residents prefer buying ready cooked cereals instead of raw ones.

Some of the reasons why people prefer buying already boiled cereals include;

  1. Economy – Unlike those residing in rural areas, it is expensive stocking cereals in bulk. Finances are limited since most survive on salaries.
  2. Lack of cooking time – cereals take time to prepare. Most under employment lack enough time to boil cereals. they have little time left between leaving work and going to bed.
  3. Expensive fuel – Charcoal is scarce and paraffin is expensive. Boiling cereals need you to use more fuel than usual. Due to limited finances, it is more economical buying ready cooked cereals.
  4. Limited foods – Those residing in cities have a limited option of foods. Most of the time their diet revolves around rice, posho (ugali), and chapati. The case is the same with vegetable. Having an alternative to the default diet is always welcome.

The above mentioned reasons are enough for you to start a boiled cereals business.

How to Set Up Boiled Cereals Business

Starting this business does not have to be expensive since it can be set up using things already available in the house.

To start this business, you will need the following

  • Health certificate from the county council
  • County Council Business Permit
  • Cooking Pots (Sufurias)
  • Buckets
  • A Cup
  • A Table
  • Gas/ Charcoal Jiko

These things can be bought from local markets. If you reside in Nairobi you can buy cooking pots and buckets at Kamukunji market. They will cost around Kshs 5,000. If you lack a table have a carpenter fix one for you.

The cereals can be cooked at home then packaged the buckets which makes ferrying them to the site easy.  If you have a good spot for selling the cooked cereals, you can be cooking them at the spot. People like the impression of fresh foods so cooking them at the site is an added plus.

Types of Cereals

  • Different types of beans
  • Githeri
  • Muthokoi
  • Green grams (Mung beans)
  • etc

These cereals can be bought in the local market near you. Those residing in Nairobi can buy at Nyama Kima market. You can start small then stock more as you grow.

Business Location

This business works well in residential areas. When picking a location, make sure it is close to the main roads and preferably at a junction. You do not require a large space to set up your business. A 1 meter square space is enough. It is not a must for you to rent a stall for this business. It is a business that can be carried out on the road side since it operates for a few hours.

Operating Hours

Cooked cereals business is operated for specific hours. Most vendors start their operations around noon all the way to nine o’clock at night. However, business picks between 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, then 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Cleanliness is Key

This business largely depends on cleanliness for it to thrive. Both the vendor and the products should observe clean principles. Remember that you will be handling food for human consumption so cleanliness is paramount. Always ensure that your business site is sparkling clean at all times. Get a health certificate from the county council that verifies you are fit health wise. Do not put the health of your customers in danger at any given time.

This business can be set up in any estate across the country and can be run by any gender. You can start with a budget of as little as Kshs 10,000. Those running this business earn better than some employees working in offices. It is ideal for anyone looking for a simple business idea in Kenya.


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